Oscar de La Renta; Classic Fragrance

Oscar de La Renta knows that fragrance is about who you are, not about what celebrity is pushing it. So, he has created a beautiful scent that women will wear for years to come.

It should be no surprise that a man like Oscar de La Renta is no fan of liking something because it is hot at the moment, but instead because it is a classic.  This became clear when he launched his new perfume, Live in Love, at Lord & Taylor.  de La Renta explains, and I must agree, that “Fragrance is not about the moment; it’s about the life. Fragrance is not about, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to wear this fragrance because Jennifer Lopez had it on.”  When speaking to the Montreal Gazette, de La Renta explained “The fact is…that a true fragrance is not ever really about the bottle or the packaging or the name, although that obviously evokes something…. But at the end, it’s about yourself…It’s about when you are identified with a fragrance you are no longer wearing it because you like the name, it’s because it’s you.”

Personally, I’ve never met anyone who has worn the Brittany Spears fragrance for years, no, they only wore it till the next pop-star one came about and, then you are wearing a name, not a scent.  Oscar de La Renta creates masterpieces that people will cherish for life.  Pieces that grandmothers will pass down to their grandchildren as vintage, fabulous and timeless.  And, I am assuming, he wants his perfume to do the same.