Get Ready for Summer by Elle Brazil

by Julija Kaselyte

It doesn’t matter that summer has left the Northern hemisphere – it just moves South! In time for summer below the equator, here is talented photographer Manuel Nogueira to capture sunny moments with two gorgeous models Carmelita Mendes and Barbara di Creddo in vivid swimsuits.

In the November issue of Elle Brazil, we find a spectacular shoot featuring beautiful looks modeled by Carmelita and Barbara and  styled by Susana Barbosa, which certainly reflect the pulse of summer. Bright make-up the color and coolness of popsicles and glamorous heels intensify all the strong impressions of summer while they overpower, and stand in stark contrast to, the industrial surroundings of the shoot.

Additional Credits:

Model: Carmelita Mendes, Barbara di Creddo
Publication: Elle
Styling: Susana Barbosa
Photography: Manual Nogueira
Makeup: Diego Américo
Coordination: Rita Lazarotti