Tom Ford’s Beauty Line Has Come

Tom Ford debuted his beauty line in style with a signing at Bergdorf Goodman. His line sold over $50 thousand dollars that night,

Tom Ford has done it again, the man is unstoppable.   Not only was his line debuted at Bergdorf Goodman’s this week, but it made over $50k in one night, selling out products like Bitter Bitch nail laquer.  It didn’t hurt that Mr. Ford was standing there, as handsome as can be, in all his glory signing his products (I got one of his new perfumes and one of his old lipsticks signed, he told me the white encased lipstick was already vintage with a wink… I swooned).  It seems as though there is nothing this line can’t do.  From skin care to the most amazing eye brow pencil to nail laquer you should wear through every day of every season, his line is a must.

When you walked onto the beauty floor at Bergdorf Goodman, perfectly groomed male models were there to escort me to meet Mr.Ford.  I say perfectly groomed because my company, Brush Beauty, was hired again to groom his to die for model escorts for the evening.  And, while their familiar faces escorted me to meet Mr. Ford they held all of my things as they did so.   They did this because it seems like Tom Ford is the quinessential gentleman and when the word classy comes from my Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge lips, I honestly think of this man.

I will be reviewing his products over the next few months, so stay tuned because it will certainly be a fight over which product is better than the next.