Urbandon: Abandon Your Inhibitions by Peter Coulson

by Julija Kaselyte

Internationally renowned and award wining Australian photographer Peter Coulson collaborates with young and fantastic Alicia of London Models to produce the black and white shoot for Urbandon’s jewelry line.

Emanating a kind of boyish insouciance, the model lives completely in the moment allowing us to enjoy her looks. Although the shoot does a phenomenal job of highlighting the stunning line of jewelry, it is hard not to notice the exquisite canvas on which the line is displayed: a titillating centerpiece on which Urbandon’s pieces are displayed. Subtle shadows are playing with the contours and texture of Alicia’s skin. The simplicity of black and white amplifies the grace of the lines created by body and light, without distracting from the beauty of the forms. This minimalism pulls the eye to the pieces displayed, drawing attention to what’s important with a precision and style echoed in the jewelry itself.

Hair and make-up by Natascha Verkaik, with assistant Kelly Defina.