V74 – Fierce in Colors and Beautiful Hard Lines

V Magazine’s Run The World, Girls cover shoot for their Winter 2011/12 issue is no joke. The makeup is hot with color and bold with shapes. The shoot was of the new top models of the world, the next generation of Christy and Linda’s (as the first page excerpt states “There will never be another Linda or Christy, but there may just be a Candice Swanepoel or Joan”) the next models to be known by a first name.  Photographed by Terry Richardson, the makeup was done by Aaron de May for Lancome, and hair by Anthony Turner of Art Partner (http://artpartner.com/).

The bold bright colors that de May used were brought to life even more by the amazing and tight shapes he kept to on the model’s lids.  Keeping the skin very clean and lightly contoured he gave all eight woman two toned eyes each color split right down the middle and beautifully strong brows. de May popped bright turquoise blues with hot oranges and intense greens with the hottest pinks.  But, again, I think what makes this shoot separate from ones that have used these colors before are the very strong lines and the hard, but curved corners.

TIP: For the non professional makeup artist, a good way to get a really strong line is to put a piece of tape down where you want the line to cut off, that way you can get it perfect every-time.

These eight woman are already at the top of the A-list, but it seems there is an A-list that only consists of first names and soon they will be known without a doubt on those too.