Versace for H&M’s Second Collection Hates America

by Alexander Patino

Donatella Versace, Versace for H&M fitting

About a week ago we reported on Versace for H&M’s second line, slated to hit stores next year in February. The supremely top secret spring 2012 collection (Well, not all that top secret since the Mirror UK posted two lackluster images of some not too dazzling heels and some ‘eh’-inducing fruity print hot pants). Well, there’s more news on that front, and for most of you – this is going to hurt.

According to WWD, the collection will not launch in February, but in January. Hallelujah! – right? Well, unless you live in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, or in the UK, the only countries with H&M e-commerce accessibility, then you’re S.O.L. That or you’re going to have to depend on those slimy eBay pirates to get your Versace wares this time around.

The biggest head-scratching factor here has to be the hardcore secrecy borne out of this second, and already inferior, collection. Seriously, what’s the big deal? They both know it’s going to sell out anyway.