Yak Chic Photography from Tim Walker

Tim Walker photographs a ‘yak chic” fashion editorial for the December issue of British Vogue, which is often one of the best issues of the monthly publication.

December is often the top month for British Vogue, the publication frequently produces bumper issues with extensive fashion editorials with dream-like or fantasy aesthetics. It appears that this years issue will not disappoint, with incredible photographer Tim Walker shooting a series of images for the magazines December issue. British Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulmanwent as far as describing the shots as “yak chic” in her letter from the editor.

In some ways this is a very uncomfortable shot, neither the model nor the yak she is straddling look particularly at ease. The uncomfortable nature of this photograph works perfectly however, with the five-figure furry ensemble and breath-taking natural background. We love this image, and cannot wait to see the rest of the editorial. Tim Walker is a truly fantastic fashion photographer, with his images being some of the most imaginative and creative in the industry at this time.