3.1 Phillip Lim Pre Fall 2012 Collection

by Keesean Moore

Don’t be fooled by the nods to Noir comic book action bubbles, Phillip Lim designed some serious clothes for pre-fall. In this tough economy, Lim wasn’t trying to make any gaudy statements. His goal was to design a wardrobe of innovative staples that will revive and save an otherwise bland closet.

Even the use of the action bubble graphics were done with sophisticated taste, which made them all the more fun. Printed on a boat neck pullover, t-shirt, cardigan, and over-sized clutch, the graphic was used in just the right proportions as to not dominate the collection and distract the eye from what I think were some amazing pieces. Those leather A-line skirts zipped at the sides are sure to fly off the shelves, along with those super chic bespeckled wool and tweed trouser suits.

His use of mesh was especially cool–over trousers, as trousers, over frocks, and under sweaters and vests for an interesting take on layering. This was for sure a kryptonite collection for the 3.1 Phillip Lim girl. She’ll definitely be buckling at the knees come May when the first deliveries are set to ship.