Boy by Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

by Alexander Patino

Scott Sternberg has been catching up on his Woody Allen. For Boy by Band of Outsiders‘ first pre-fall outing, the LA-based designer found a seasonal muse in Diane Keaton’s Mary from 1979’s black and white classic ‘Manhattan’. Keaton is no stranger to the roll of fashion muse (You’ve probably caught her in that new terrible Chico’s commercial, for which she’s the brand’s new spokesperson. But we can forgive her for that because who doesn’t love them Diane Keaton?), but thankfully Sternberg honed in on a character, rather than Keaton’s bombastically quirky personal style for this collection.

Whether it was an intentional kind of inspiration or not, ‘Manhattan’ proved to be the perfect vehicle for the cinephile designer to tackle a pre-fall vibe. After all, California is not the first place you’d think to look to for chilly weather suiting and layering. Overall, the collection handled the onset of autumn with a slightly collegiate, Greenwich Village yuppie touch, that carried hints of the late 70s like a memory of the good ol’ days.

A playful print of a belt on a white tee carried a semi-School House Rock nostalgia. The blazer that came over it and those khaki trousers with sporty ribbed cuffs had an tinge of Balenciaga’s revered students collection, sans the Lego shoes, from fall 2007. And when was the last time anyone saw a ladybug print? It looked absolutely precious on a white double-closured jumpsuit. It had a slight Strawberry Shortcake in 2012 sweetness to it. And what’s more totemic to the 70s classroom than a corduroy suit? A green cord suit with flared pants came with a Midwestern-y plaid, maybe a nod to his Ohio roots, that read ‘Farmer in a Dell’ in the best possible way, mainly because of that unconventional and old-fashioned ruffled collar.

Still, there was nothing as truly pre-fall Manhattan like that navy peacoat with a wonderfully zany big-button, paired with heather gray striped sweats. It’s the kind of outfit  you throw on when you desperately need to crawl out of your New York apartment to get your caffeine fix down the street on a slightly chilly Sunday afternoon. What’s great about Sternberg’s wares is that they tell stories without trying too hard. That’s probably the best thing he’s brought into his fashion sphere from his earlier Hollywood agent days. You can take the fashion out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the Boy.