Iris Apfel is MAC’s Newest Muse Collaboration

Iris Apfel is the perfect MAC muse. Her life is style and beauty and eccentricity, something that MAC is the center of.

Iris Apfel, MAC

Iris Apfel has influenced eons of people through her phenomenal and eccentric style. Now, at 90 years young, she is moving onto a new generation of people to show of her beauty. Iris is now teaming up for MAC cosmetics for a new limited-edition 20-piece makeup collection that includes lipstick, shadow and nail lacquer. This is extremely exciting for style and makeup junkies alike.

In this photo, she is wearing a stunning and brilliant red lip matching her polish. Her style screams brilliance in this photo and MAC, who has always been edgy with their celeb collaborations, has picked the perfect muse. The line debuts early January.