Don’t You See Her Walking, by Julia Kiecksee

by Alice Byrne

The photographs featured here were shot by Julia Kiecksee, and make up a fashion editorial titled Don’t You See Her Walking. In these images Nicole Mahrenholz styles Sasha Kesova, in a beautiful collection of fashion forward, structured designs, from labels and stores including Zara, Mila Miyahara, Monki, H&M and Ana Alcazar.

These photographs have a clear narrative, and there is a great sense of movement in each image. We also love the color use here, the colors from the location and the lighting, as well as the designs themselves. Each image is strong in its own right, particularly the close up shots, yet the photographs work perfectly together as an editorial series. In particular we love the shots of Sasha standing in the water, staring straight in to camera. These photographs are particularly striking and we feel they are the stand out images from the whole editorial. Hair and make-up by Doreen Gottschlach.