Interview: Kyle Anderson Talks New Position at Marie Claire

by Keesean Moore

Kyle Anderson, Accessories Director at Marie Claire

Kyle Anderson, Marie Claire’s new Accessories Director, is no stranger to change. He actually embraces it. On top of replacing Taylor Tomasi Hill (who left MC for Moda Operandi) and leaving behind a 6 year stint at Elle, he’s also started a new culture and street style blog (, and recently moved into a stunning sky rise glass building in Times Square. Even his closet is perpetually in a state of transition:

“Last summer I wore almost exclusively Balmain. I was obsessed with military then. I moved on to black leather at the end of summer and into the early fall. Now I’m very into black and fur. I usually wear black leather pants, black sweaters, and black coats with some kind of fox fur or other kind of fur trim. The evolution is on-going…”

Swedish born and raised in Forrest Hill, Illinois, Kyle isn’t your typical editor. He hates cooking, is addicted to eating, and has a charming obsession with Korean pop-something he picked up while studying international business, art, and Korean language in Seoul, South Korea.

Yes, he parties with fashion’s jetset, and has a closet most fashion babies would kill for, but he always manages to keep things in perspective, staying just ahead or just outside of the mainstream.

Kyle’s unique approach to fashion and accessories seems to be perfect for Marie Claire’s new look. The magazine hasn’t traditionally been the most avant guarde gloss publication, but with an all new team, and an all new vision, it looks like major changes may be underway:

“I think more than a lot of magazines, Marie Claire has a team which is really open to hearing editors’ ideas. I’m looking forward to being able to bring a bit of my style and a bit of a cool edge and sexiness to all of the different sections of Marie Claire…I would never edit for a specific magazine. I just edit things I like. I don’t care about brands or prices, I just look at what I like and shoot things that I would want girls to see, to know about. I want to find things that make me truly excited and that have a chance of making other girls or guys excited when they read the magazine.”