Michael Kors Pre Fall 2012

Pre-fall for Michael Kors channeled all the characteristic sexiness found in an American Western saloon. He jumbled up both the scandalous damsels and the gun-slinging cowboys in this collection, which seemed to be all about subtleties. Cowboy caps aside, the western motifs were all in the details. The wide leather belts, leather satchels, and dress trims were all suggestive of antique, duel-ready gun holsters, while the final four dresses, all about the leg, were reminiscent of the rustled-up petticoats of highfaluting can-can dancers.

One of the more interesting pieces was a calf-length, slate gray coat cinched at the waist with a double-buckle leather belt, and crossed lapels that worked like arrows pointing to hidden revolvers at the waist, probably still warm from a bar brawl that got a little out of hand.

Most of all the collection was fun. Which is something Kors has become known for, high-concept collections that are both wearable and exciting to look at.