Vogue Italia Cuts Kloss’ Spread By One

by Keesean Moore

Karlie Kloss, Vogue Italia by Steven Meisel

What was set to be Karlie Kloss’ biggest break since being selected at John Galliano’s muse, has just been cut by one. Image that is.

Vogue Italia has chosen to 86 one image from Steven Meisel’s “Body by Kloss” spread, which undeniably featured Kloss at her absolute best.  All eighteen pages of the original editorial were published in the magazine’s December 2011 issue.

Although Vogue Italia‘s editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani, has yet to comment on the change, it’s pretty obvious that the last minute edit was made in response to scrutiny Italian designers and editors have been under due to an all too obvious trend of obviously underweight models.

Alas, even with one image down, “Body by Kloss” is still one of the front-runners for one of the best editorials of 2011. The scandal probably only helped her chances.