Beauty Trends for Winter 2011 – 2012

Time to cover up those bodies, winter is here. Luckily your lips can still shine through. Here are two top lip trends of the season.

Backstage at Versace, Spring 2012 Runway

With the cold weather upon us and our hood and hats over our heads, what can be the focus of our face for makeup?  Well, lips of course! Here are two of the top lips trends for this season…

Au Natural

Ladies, nude is not only sexy in the bedroom, it is also sexy on the lips. Natural beauty is the best beauty and wearing a nude hue on your lips makes them look very alluring.

Makeup Forever makes a beautiful nude lip color and it is incredibly long lasting. Satin Beige from the Rouge Artist Intense line not only looks amazing and feels great, but it lasts forever.

Clinique’s Metallic Sand lipstick is a perfect color for a daytime natural makeup look or, if at night you are doing a sexy eye the perfect compliment to that. It goes on beautifully and will make you feel sexy as can be.

OCC has an incredible lip tar by the name of Hush. It has the perfect natural pinky tone. The beauty of OCC is that you can use it very lightly and it will almost work like a stain and stay on your lips all day, but if you want more color and gloss, add a touch more. It is magic!

Yves Saint Laurent, Lips

Backstage at Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2012 Runway

Vampy Lips

Vamp that lip out!  It was seen all over the runway and here are some amazing and top colors to really pop that lip in a dark and sexy way. Remember, anyone can wear it, but you have to own it!

Chanel‘s limited edition Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matter Lip Colour in L’EXQUISE is the perfect color to rock your vampy lip.  Matte lips are always  a statement on their own, but    to use a matte vampy lip is a statement that can be talked about for a long time.

MAC’s Chili lip color is another amazing deep dark color filled with richness and sex appeal.  MAC makeup is always known for making statement and this color is no  different.  This color will bring out your eyes no matter what color your eyes are.

Tom Ford‘s Violette Fatal is a color of all colors for this trend.  Vampy does not mean red, most deep colors (many which have red in them) are vampy.
This color is a deep and stunning purple.  Definitely a great out of the box color if you don’t want to go the normal red route.