Better Body, Better You

It should be no surprise that exercise has numerous health benefits other than just feeling better and being healthier. Working out will give you incredible beauty benefits as well.

Kara Liotta, Photo by Bonnie Burke, Racked NY.

It should be no surprise that exercise has numerous health benefits other than just feeling better and being healthier.  Working out will give you incredible beauty benefits as well. From better skin, to better sleep to brighter eyes and stronger, shinier hair, the benefits are undeniable. Besides feeling better and being more confident, being good to your body will help your overall health… And it will show.

Here are some of the top places to work out to get the best you possible.

Flywheel Sport:  This is my absolute, most favorite place to be when I’m not with my family or at work.  The instructors are by far some of the best I have ever had, the music is always top notch and the technology is untouched by any other spin gym I’ve been to.  How many of us have been in a spin class when the instructor has said “go 80%” and you’re like “whaaaaa?  I have no idea what that means to you”  Well, Flywheel Sport has taken care of that.  On the left hand side of each bike there is a digital display.  This display shows the Torq (aka resistance), RPM/cadence, and energy (output moment to moment and for entire class).  This is amazing because not only does it push you to do your best, but you can track it online and see your progress as you keep going.  There is also a Torq Board in each class which is a large flat screen TV that displays class leaders and performance data (if you opt in).  The studio also has great stadium seating so everyone is able to see the instructors.

FlyBarre: FlyBarre will kick your butt in the best possible way.  This class blends circuit training, yoga, dance, Pilates, stretching and strength training all in one 60 minute class.  The music is fabulous and, by the end, you will be feeling this.  The way this class was configured is brilliant and you really get the best out of each movement.  I would quite easily suggest this to anyone whether beginner or advanced

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp: This workout is not for the weary.  If you want to get in shape or train this is for you.  WFBC includes an obstacle course, calisthenics, free weights, circuit training, running, stretching, and other Marine Corps based exercises. Will they yell at you?  most likely, but they will not degrade you or make you feel bad, they will only lift you up and bring you to a better place.  A workout like this shows you what you are truly capable of.

Bikram Yoga:  Take it off and get hot! I started to do Bikram Yoga right after I had my daughter and it was phenomenal. This was the first Bikram Yoga studio in Manhattan and now it has numerous locations.  With Bikram Yoga, that room is generally 105 degrees, this heat really helps you listen and understand your body.  The room is heated to help warm your muscles which helps you stretch deeper and more safely.  Obviously, you are sweating an inordinate amount in this class, but it really flushes out all of the toxins in your body and you feel so great and refreshed when leaving this class.

SLT: (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone):  OK, honesty time… I haven’t actually tried this one yet.  I’m scared. But, I have numerous friends who will not stop raving about it. This class, apparently, is the one to go to. As their website states “SLT offers a total-body program that melds together cardio training, weight-bearing activity and Pilates to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind fitness program that burns calories rapidly and allows you to sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercise cannot”.  The class is based around these state of the art Megaformers™ which you can bet will work you in ways most machines can not.

Phsyique 57: Exercising and stretching using your own body weight as resistance may not sound difficult but baby it is!  Physique will work you by targeting certain muscles until they are overloaded to the point of fatigue and then stretched for relief. The process is a lot like interval training, but they have changed it a bit to make it even more effective.  I really love what this class is about. It shows your body what you can do and then rewards it by stretching.  A really great way to take yourself and your body to the next level.  If you’re worried about only using your body weight, not to worry, you also use weights and balls.

These are only some of the places that you can workout in New York City, there are plenty more of course… but check these out and let me know what you think on Twitter and, remember to always check with your Dr or Physician before starting any new exercise or workout plan.