Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream

by Daniel Haim

Architectural model for WORKac’s Nature-City project for Keizer, Oregon. Photograph courtesy of James Ewing.

The MoMA PS1 is determined to examine new architectural possibilities for American cities and suburbs in the context of the recent foreclosure crisis in the United Stated. The exhibition is jointly curated by Barry Berdoll, and Reinhold Matin Foeclosed: Rehousing the American Dream will enlist five interdisciplinary teams of architects to envision a rethinking of housing and related infrastructures that could catalyze urban transformation, particularly in the country’s suburbs.

“The assumptions underlying the suburban dream and its accompanying social and environmental crises have gone unchallenged for too long,” said Mr. Martin. “It’s time for a national conversation on these issues. Architecture and urbanism can help develop such a conversation by offering tangible examples to be debated in public. The Buell Hypothesis sets the stage for such a conversation by claiming that to change the dream is to change the city. To confront the cultural assumptions that underlay suburbanization is to begin the process of changing the way we live today.”

The MoMA will present an exhibition of proposed projects in The Robert Menschel Architecture and Design Gallery, from February 15th through July 30, 2012. At the center of the exhibition wil physical models, drawings, rendering, and animations to be produced by the five teams will be supplemented with filmed interviews of teams with audio narrative.

Foreclosed is the second in a series of Architecture and Design exhibitions at MoMA called Issue in Contemporary Architecture, which focuses on timely topics in contemporary architecture with an emphasis on the urban dimension in order to increase public dialogue around seminal issues in architecture.

Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream
February 15 – July 30, 2012
The Robert Menshel Architecture and Design Gallery
The Museum of Modern Art