Glamour Icons: Genius In a Bottle

A fragrance bottle is not just a bottle, it is a piece of art.  Something to be respected and treated delicately. It is the first and most visual impression in a scent-directed industry. Fragrance is an art, not only in combining the perfect notes to meet your sensory utopia, but also in the beauty in which it is presented.

Step in Marc Rosen. Mr. Rosen is an icon in the fragrance world. He is an internationally known and idolized bottle designer and seven time FiFi winner. His book Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design is a stunning and stimulating book of Rosen’s own bottle designs, as well as the iconic bottles in the history of perfumery. Glamour Icons is a deep history of a world fragrant with glamour, celebrities, and brilliant icons explaining how these pieces of art came about. From Karl Lagerfeld to Elizabeth Arden, Chanel, and Tiffany, these are only some of the many pieces of art that you will learn about.

I found this book superbly fascinating and honestly could not put it down. It brought me into a world I had not yet encountered with very close up and personal stories about many of my personal beauty icons. This is truly a book not to be missed and I will certainly never look at another fragrance bottle the same way.  I always admired the beauty of certain bottles, but now to know the passion, art, design and true talent put into each bottle, brings a new and beautiful admiration to an art that I already so admired.

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