Knock Out Cosmetics Matte Nails

No more nail shine, matter is the way to go with Knock Out Cosmetics. Make your nails the center of attention by being shine free.

Forget every nail polish you’ve ever seen or put on those beautiful hands and feet of yours and get ready for a magnificent show stopper.

Normally you add shine if you want to be the center of attention. Well, with this product –Knock Out Cosmetics, you take it away. This line of polish is matte! That’s right, matte, as in sans shine, it is beautifully unique and the colors will make you scream with delight. They have two new colors, “Lili” and “Glasstop” neither can not be missed.

Personally, I like to use their “Flatte Top” as a base and top coat, but that isn’t always necessary. Because it is matte, you really get the color you’re looking at through the bottle and that color will be fabulous, period.