Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” Is Out

Look out for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album “Born To Die,” an eerie look into life’s dark truths. Releases tomorrow in the US.

Lana Del Rey isn’t necessarily a happy person, but you have to give the girl credit for being so blunt and ballsy about it. On the track “Off to the Races” from her upcoming album, Born To Die, out, Del Rey sings of a partner who “knows every inch of my tar black soul.” To be as straightforward as the singer’s lyrics, the tracks released so far from her album Born To Die are cryptic. But whatever torments Lana Del Rey, she is able to harness the pain into music that is melodic, poetic, and melancholy.

The singles released as of yet offer a great deal of promise for the album’s entirety; each lyric uncovers a veil into Lana’s mind and each video demonstrates a sad metaphor for her thoughts. The track “Born to Die,” whose video was released last month, takes an eerie perspective on the grim truths of life. The message may be somber, but the music is excellent.

The album is now available on iTunes right here.