Make Up For Ever – LA’s New Hotspot

Makeup Forever’s new store is in a class of it’s own. With top technology and new ways to give your clients lessons, Makeup Forever will be your top stop for all your pro-makeup needs.

Make Up For Ever, Los Angeles

I was out in Los Angeles last week for work and play and, of course, I had to go by the new Makeup Forever boutique. I walked in and met the lovely Lijha who, along with the rest of the staff, was as sweet and helpful as could be. Lijha walked me through the new store and the new impressive Pro Loft across the street. Make Up For Ever Los Angeles has outdone itself. Their new store is way more than just a place to pick up your favorite products. It is a true learning facility.

Make Up For Ever, Los Angeles

For the pro’s, this is an amazing resource. This facility should be your best friend. First off, Make Up For Ever has given you a communal table to play! Play! Play!  Take any of their products out and use them, learn about them, try them, feel them, have fun. You can even just take a seat and draw up a face chart. Another wonderful resource they have given the pro makeup artist is a studio area for you to bring your clients to, aka the Pro Lounge. They have their full catalog available for you to use with your clients. Once you finish, you can walk over to the Smart Board and make a face chart with all of the products you just used. As Make Up For Ever says, “This interactive touch screen can be used to create customized make up designs and face charts, which can be emailed directly to clients. The computerized white board can be drawn on using fingertips or a special pen, and font colors have been matched to MAKE UP FOR EVER’S full shade assortment to provide a more accurate illustration. This tool allows artists to animate application techniques and tips so clients can easily re-create the looks on their own”. You can even go through online images of makeups that you like and explain step by step on the image how to do certain applications.  This is the new generation of how makeup will be taught.

Make Up For Ever, Los Angeles

Personally, I find the most impressive part of the whole store to be their new video recording studio. This is phenomenal for pro’s and consumers alike. For the pro’s, you can bring your clients into this private room where you have a beautiful set up waiting for you. There is a video camera and monitor installed in the mirror for you to record yourself giving your client a customized, step by step makeup lesson. You can use the products from the pro loft and your clients can purchase a Make Up For Ever Lipstick USB (super cute!) and have your lesson with them permanently accessible on the flash drive. There is a cost to using this room, but it is completely redeemable in Make Up For Ever product (cost is between $40-120 depending on what lesson you will be working on with your client, plus USB). You can charge them your normal fee and add the Make Up For Ever cost on top, but if you are using Make Up For Ever products, they will probably be purchasing the products anyhow

For consumers, if you want a makeup lesson, you can just give a call and set one up with one of their amazing artists. The pricing for these lessons are a steal. You can do a focus lesson, which is a specified lesson, on either eyes (numerous different lessons on eyes), contouring, long lasting lip, extreme coverage – the list goes on. You can also opt to do a full face application. You purchase one of their USB’s and then the cost of the lesson can be fully redeemed in Make Up For Ever product (lesson prices range from $40 to $120).

This store is the Joan Jett of beauty stores. If nothing else, go inside and take a look around, be impressed and purchase some of my favorite products in the world, Make Up For Ever products.