Powders – Choosing the Best One For You

by Katherine Gould

There are so many options to choose from when selecting a powder. What are you looking for? One to control shine without coverage on bare skin? One to set your foundation? One to give you color? Or a combination of all three? This guide aims to de-mistify the common powders out there.

Colored Powder

Available in Loose and Pressed. Contains pigment so it will need to be matched to your skin color if wearing it alone or will need to be tried over your foundation to make sure they work together. Usually light to medium coverage.

Blot Powder

Contains oil absorbing ingredients to control shine. May have a very light tint of color in order to suit skin but match doesn’t need to be exact. Small quantities of pigment tend to mean that you are able to reapply product regularly without creating a heavy looking powdery build up. Little to no coverage.

Mineral Powders

Available in Loose and Pressed forms – good for those with dry skin who feel they still need powder. Mineral powders tend to look quite ‘fresh’ on the skin or even glittery, so not usually recommended for those with oilier skin types.

Invisible/Translucent Powder

Loose or Pressed – Lightweight powders used to set foundation without adding color and minimal texture. Suits all skin types but will not usually control shine on extremely oily skin.

Replace sponges or wash brushes! Sponges by nature absorb, and just think of what it could be soaking-up from your face if used day in and out. In this condition they can also contaminate your cosmetics with bacteria. Click here to find out more about hygiene and cleaning your tools.