Behind The Scenes: Balenciaga Spring 2012 Campaign Video

by Keesean Moore

Don’t you hate those lazy Saturday afternoons when you’re hungover, your hair looks perfectly disheveled, and all you have to wear is Balenciaga pulled straight off the runway?

Well that was the inspiration behind Balenciaga’s highly praised spring 2012 campaign that’s already starting to appear in Fashion glosses around the world.

Shot by Steven Meisel and staring Juliane Grüner, Laura Kampman, Rosie Tapner, and Kirstin Liljegre, this campaign serves up exaggerated effortlessness in a bare loft-space furnished with a double mattress, dresser, television, and coveted Balenciaga accessories strewn about like forgotten papers and useless knick knacks. The perfect juxtaposition.

If you loved the campaign images, you’ll love the behind-the-scenes video that was just released. Set to the soundtrack of “Rectangle” by the late French punk musician JACNO, the video not only captures the laissez-faire quality of the photos, but gives you lust-worthy detail shots of your favorite pieces from the runway.

Marie-Amélie Sauvé was the stylist, Guido Palau and Pat McGrath tackled the hair and makeup, and Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag were in charge of art direction.