Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Matt Plunkett and Zombie Boy

An exclusive backstage look at the shoot of Rick Genest, “Zombie Boy” with Matt Plunkett for Giantto.

Behind the scene preview of Rick Genest and Matt Plunkett

These exclusive behind the scene photographs were taken in downtown Los Angeles with Rick Genest AKA “Zombie Boy” and Matt Plunkett. Rico has collaborated with the Giantto team to work on their new campaign titled Time Waits For No One. 

These behind the scenes photographs are incredibly striking and they all work together perfectly to tell the story behind the photo-shoot. The combination of the black and white and color photography, along with the combination of indoor and outdoor images.

We cannot wait to see the final outcome from this shoot, which we can tell from these behind the scenes photographs is going to be seriously good. Stay tuned for the final images.

Behind the scene preview of Rick Genest and Matt Plunkett

Matt Plunkett photographing Rick Genest “Zombie Boy” for Giantto. Photo Credit: Grant Law

Matt Plunkett photographing Rick Genest “Zombie Boy.” Photo Credit: Grant Law

Giantto, http://www.giantto.com

“Brunch” From L to R – Rabih, Rick, Colin Singer, Anthony, Matt Plunkett, Jerome

Rick Genest & Rabih on the set. Photo Credit: Grant Law

Additional Credits:
Model: Rick “Rico” Genest, “Zombie Boy”, http://models.com/people/Rick-Genest
Campaign for: Giantto, http://www.giantto.com
Styling: Kyle Pak, http://vintageye.com & Rabih Dawud
Photography: Matt Plunkett, http://www.mattplunkett.com
Behind the scene Photographer: Grant Law, http://grantraw.com/