Top Skin Care Products for 2012

Let’s scratch that surface for the New Year. Let’s get that skin looking it’s very best so that we can worry about all those other resolutions. Skincare is the first thing you need to worry about when it comes to makeup


Let’s scratch that surface for the New Year. Let’s get that skin looking its very best so that we can worry about all those other resolutions. Skincare is the first thing you need to focus on when it comes to makeup. Without good skin your makeup application will not be flawless – you can’t walk around photo shopping your skin in the real world.

Here are a few of our favorite products and lines for 2012:

Tay Skincare:  First off, never in my life have I seen packaging like this. Not only is the packaging made from 100% bamboo and recyclable PET plastic, but they are, in my opinion, absolute perfection.  So, if the packaging is great, can the product possibly be as good? YES! The products that I have had the luxury of sampling have been beyond what I ever expected (and I expected a lot). Personally, I am obsessed with the Safflower seed night cream with jojoba. I was able to feel and see the difference within a week. What can make these products any better?  How about the the fact that the blends are consciously developed with as many fair-trade sources as possible, are vegan friendly and cruelty-free? And, their manufacturing facilities are wind-powered and their offices use wind power. These products are like that stunning and perfect girl in high school that you kept trying to find something wrong with but couldn’t. These products are perfect for yourself or make the greatest gifts. Products range from $16.00-112.00  Click here to purchase

Tom Ford Skincare: Clothing perfection? Check.  Stunningly designed new stores? Check. Incredible new cosmetic line? Check. Exceptional skincare line too? Of course. Would you expect anything less from the master of the fashion and beauty world?  I surely wouldn’t. Personally, I think that Tom Ford’s eye cream is some of the greatest on the planet. Also, the packaging is sleek and smart. You can be sure none of these products will open in your carry on’s. I am also in love with his daily moisturizer. Really Tom, can you do no wrong? Products range from $45.00-$250.00 Click here to purchase

Dermalogica: Too many people to count know about Dermalogica and its wonderful products. But, their Daily Microfoliant is one not to be missed. This wonderful non-abrasive formula will clean out your pores while evening out your skin tone and will protect your skin from free radicals (thanks to the licorice and green tea ingredients). Add a touch of water to this rice based enzyme powder to make a fabulous creamy paste and get those dead skin cells outta there. $50.00 Click here to purchase

Evolution Man:  Boys, we didn’t forget about you!  Not that you can’t use any of the above products, but every once in a while you want something made just for you. Well, I put my husband to the test with these men’s grooming products, and he gives two extreme thumbs up to all of the EvolutionMan line. He especially loves the Wash & Buff which is a wonderful daily exfoliator powered by non-irritating microbeads. He said it was like a spa day on his face (which if you ever met my 6′ Paul Bunyon meets bad ass biker looking hub, you would not expect that out of his mouth). Also, I would make sure to try the Revitalize Eye Gel. Guys you don’t need those bags under your eyes to prove a point, use the under eye gel. Trust me, you will thank me later. Products range from $10.00-$28.00 click here to purchase

Clinique: Clinique has classicaly great products.  Their Clarifying Lotion is one of the best products that I have used for years and has never disappointed me. This product can transform your oily acne prone skin with one quick swoop of a cotton swab. This product is great for dry skin – it really solves some of your worst skin issues and leaves you with beautiful, glowing skin.