Altuzarra Fall 2012 – Beauty Report

Joseph Altuzarra’s inspiration centered around Corto Maltese, a comic series from an Italian creator featuring a sailor with a spirit for adventure. Altuzarra started with the idea of someone who had a wardrobe that was very French and very strict, and along the way they pick up something from Morocco, India, and China, creating a hodgepodge of references for his Fall 2012 collection.

The Mongolian feel was opulent and redolent, a narrative of an evolution of style collected through travel. Makeup artist Tom Pechuex created a makeup look with geometric eyeliner, strengthened with a pop of silver on the inner corners on fresh, radiant skin. “Couture grunge” locks were disheveled and slightly unkempt, as if styled by the ocean itself, loose and free. This was a beautiful story, a journey of expression tightly edited and well designed.