Backstage Beauty at Mara Hoffman Fall 2012

Mara Hoffman, Fall 2012

The Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 show was stunning and Makeup Forever Alliance artist Lottie was the key.  Lottie wanted the look to have a nomadic desert-like feel, sun kissed skin that glowed with metallic highlights.

Lottie first applied Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation to give the models a flawless canvas she then sculpted the cheeks using Makeup Forever Mat Bronze on the hollows of her cheeks.

For a well-blended, sun kissed glow she then applied Makeup Forever Shine On Powder from the top of the cheeks to the temples and then used Makeup Forever HD’s powder to take away the shine.

Eyes: Shadows were blended with Makeup Forever Star Powder #922,#930, and #946. For a metallic pop, use a wet brush and applied Makeup Forever Metal Powder #2 to the corner of the eyes, and then line inside the water lines with Makeup Forever Khol Pencil #9.Finish the eyes with a thick coat of Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara.

Eyebrows: Apply Makeup Forever Brow Seal for a simple yet groomed brow.

Lips: Makeup Forever Glossy Full #10 was added to the lips to create a natural look with shine.