Carlos Miele Fall Winter 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The gold cinched waist was the trend of the night at the 54th Grammy Awards, and the next morning Carlos Miele sent out a collection that in its own way, acknowledged the zeitgeist-celebritae with similar touches. The first look out: Kate King in a taupe wool poncho with woven silk strip (Miele calls them ‘tiras’) detail came hugged at the waist with a tan leather belt rendered gold by metal applique.

It was the sun-kissed, laissez-faire, glamorous ennui you could only accomplish in the tropics or in the country, relaxing under palms and fronds, under shade. He specifically looked to the women of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul. You can tell from the woven ponchos and sashes (‘gauchos’ to Miele) that the slight homey nature of the hand-braided, the hand-woven, the truly artisanal – is how his ladies keep warm in the fall/winter months for the season to come. Perhaps the suggestion may be that an escape is in order.

Miele lost the footing of his sartorial narrative at times. Who could imagine much need for an oatmeal colored knitted fox throw, or the cinnamon one for that matter, in those sweltering horizons? Well, his New York clientele might nip, if next fall/winter delivers some real chills for a change. Still, his woven cummerbunds, the crepe pants below chiffon tops – those looks all worked beautifully for the day of the hacienda sensibility he touched upon, while that gradual blue print pleated silk charmeuse gown with black underlay should surely help finesse the appeal of any woman north or south of Rio Grande do Sul.