Givenchy Spring 2012 Cosmetics Collection

Including luxury powders for the face and cheeks, these beautifully speckled creations are akin to a delicate birds egg. Lips burst forth in a bloom of poppy-red to add some punch to the otherwise muted tones of the collection. Taking inspiration from elements in nature, this delicate assortment of shades illuminate the skin with a light, glowing veil, adding youthfulness to the face.

It’s micronized texture enables the use of deep colors that can be feathered and blended for a fresh look at spring. The blush’s pigments highlight cheekbones with a luminous, velvety effect, symbolizing the vivacity of the season. Eye shades are pearlescent and soft, like the first colors of nature awakening. Instant Bucolique” is the rural awakening of Impressionist painters’ poppy filled meadows and landscapes come to life.