Gucci Fall 2012 – Beauty Report

by Mynxii White

Every collection is a strong experience for a designer, and Frida Giannini’s confidence can be seen in this new look of 19th century romanticism. Transcendentalists from that century often drew influence from doomed noble characters, the nostalgic spirit felt in the Scarface soundtrack that haunted the room, and with such decadent undertones, you can definitely see Michelle Pheiffer wearing just about everything. The color palette reflects the attitude, arcadian with a bit of a toughness that is evocative and chic.

Pat McGrath creates a really beautiful dark lip paired with perfected skin and bleached brows, mimicking textures in the deep velvets of the clothing. “It’s a little Rossetti,” McGrath continued, referring to the elegantly stained lips of his portraits. Soft, tousled long hair with a little bit of a twist brings a youthful touch, bringing an ethereal look to these vampiric aristocrats.