Listening Out Loud to Yuksek

Yuksek, Living on The Edge of Time

Attention electronic music lovers! We got a chance to talk to charismatic french electro master Yuksek. With two studio albums under his belt, Yuksek’s name is synonymous with incredible, improvised live performances. However, it wasn’t electronic beats that led him down the road to creating music – it was playing piano at a young age that was the very beginning of his musical trip. Even though busy touring and dealing with a hectic traveling schedule, Yuksek still found time for Bloginity readers.

Julija: Where are you originally from?

Yuksek: Reims / Champagne / France.

Julija: When did you start showing an interest in music?

Yuksek: I started music at age 6 at the French “conservatoire” playing piano.

Julija: Tell us about your first gig.

Yuksek: I played piano for my teachers and my parents, and the parents of the other children at school. I was 8.

Julija: What’s the story behind the name Yuksek?

Yuksek:  I just saw the name somewhere and liked it graphically. I didn’t want to have an English or French name, just something without meaning. A few years later someone told me it means “High” in Turkish.

Julija: How do you create music?

Yuksek: With love and musical instruments.

Julija: Your second album Living On The Edge Of Time was released last June. How could you compare it with your debut album? What are the main differences between them?

Yuksek: I’m singing [on] all the tracks. There are still some dance tracks, but [with] more pop songs, sometimes both.

Julija: Why did you make “On A Train” the first single on the Living On The Edge Of Time album?

Yuksek: Because it was a good introduction to the record; dancey, but pop, driving, but melancholic, too.

Julija: What are your favorite tracks from both albums?

Yuksek: “To see u smile,” “I could never be a dancer,” “Off the wall,” “Eat my bear.”

Julija: You are on tour at the moment. What’s your favorite experience of touring?

Yuksek: Playing drunk and seeing the world!

Julija: Is it easy to play electronic music onstage? Do you have stage fright? Do you improvise a lot?

Yuksek: By the way it is, especially when you don’t play techno… I mean with a drum section, bass guitar and 5 keyboards running one in the other with midi, a lot of interactions, cables, it’s a nightmare… And most of the keyboards are vintage so really fragile and versatile….

Julija: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Yuksek: Living as long as possible on this beautiful planet.

Julija: Where are you now answering these questions?

Yuksek: In my bed, just woke up.