Top Valentine Beauty & Grooming Gifts

It’s that beautiful time of year again, here are some creative and fun gifts to give your hunny.

It’s that beautiful time of year again, restaurants are are overbooked, florists are putting in an abundance of orders and you, you’re either freaking out about what to get your significant others or you’re one of those Type A’s who had it on lock since Feb 15th of last year. What to get is always a questions. Well, here are some creative and fun gifts to give your hunny.

Joya Studio – Shades of Dusk: One of the greatest and most alluring collaborations I’ve seen in a long time. The magnificent and enticing scents from Joya encompasased in the beautiful mythic amulets from Vane.  The natural solid perfumes are enticing and sexy and the jewelry that houses it is equally so.  No decision making in whether to get fragrance or jewelry, you have both in one here.

The Art of Shaving – Full Size Kit. Full Size Badger Black Brush. Coming in three different scents, Lavendar, Sandalwood and Lemon, and one unscented version.  This beautiful set comes with  Pre-Shave Oil (2 fl. oz), Shaving Cream (5.0 oz), After-Shave Balm (3.4 fl. oz), and a Pure Badger Black Shaving Brush AKA, the 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave®.  This is a beautiful, fun gift for the sophisticated man.

Red Door Spa: The Red Door Spa is one of my absolute favorite spas.  You feel completely relaxed walking off the elevator and feel only more so once greeted.  Treat your special someone to a spa day filled with massages, facials and mani/pedi’s, or make it a double gift and do it as a couple.  It’s a really sensual feeling knowing your love is right there with you while you enjoy the spa’s services.

Scenterprises – Create Your Own Fragrance: This may be one of my absolute favorite gifts to give. How many times are you going to get the man or woman in your life another cologne or perfume? Why not get him or her something a little more special, a little more unique.  With the “create your own fragrance” you can either make a perfect scent just for them or let that special someone in your life have the fun and do it on their own.  There is something incredibly sexy and beautiful about having a fragrance that is only yours.  And, with the master kit, you can design smells for every part of your world.  From work to a sexy night out, make a scent that fits your every mood.  This is a unique gift that says you were really thinking about your love.

Dior – ‘5 Couleurs Garden Party Garden Roses Eyeshadow Palette: What an absolutely stunning grouping of the perfect colors of love. These colors are really beautiful with almost any skin tone and would make a luxurious gift of beauty for  the special woman in your life.