Fashion Desires by Milda Cergelyte

Creating clothes for the femme fatale in every woman is the what Lithuanian designer Milda Cergelyte under the fashion line MIMI.C  is always aiming for. “My label is for fashion aware people with intelligence,“ adds Milda, at the moment creating fashion in London. However, moving to one of the most exciting European capitals of style was not the very beginning to this young lady.

Julija: Mild, how did you decide to become a designer? How did all this begin?

Milda: I didn’t have to decide to become a fashion designer. I just feel like I am born this way, there is nothing that excites me as much as the art of fashion. I really enjoy every second while creating.

Julija: Why did you choose to move to London?

Milda: I have done a lot in Lithuania [but] decided that there was a bigger city which would help me to develop, so I just packed my sewing machine, fabrics and moved to London

Julija: Who are your artistic influences?

Milda: I get a lot of influences from everything that is around me, it could simply be some inspirations from [my] domestic environment or some experience while enjoying exhibitions, books or music.

Julija: How would you describe your personal style?

Milda: I am pure rock chic, with some elegant touch. I usually hang around with my leather trousers and biker boots, but  sometimes I love wearing a bodycon red dress with my stilettos and red lipstick.

Julija: What goes through your mind when creating?

Milda: I can not describe that… It’s a whole hurricane of different types of ideas and visions. I have a strong vision of the woman I am creating clothes for, and she is always on my mind while I am sketching. A very strong and powerful woman, a muse for everyone. A muse for me.

Julija: How do you put chosen colors together?

Milda: There are no rules for color setup in MIMI.C. Sometimes I even put very interesting and not matching color ensembles [together] and make it work. Everything just depends on how you serve them [colors]. It‘s like a meal on a plate: you dress up your model with the final look.

Julija: How do you envision people wearing MIMI.C labeled clothing?

Milda: My label is for fashion aware people with intelligence. It means that there is no fear when it comes to wearing original and quirky clothes.

Julija: How many collections have you already created? What venues were they presented in?

Milda: I have done three collections so far: SS11 which I have done for an online fashion show and AW12 and SS12 which were presented in Lithuanian fashion weekend ‘Fashion Infection’ and in London. I have already created AW13. This year we are planning to do an online fashion presentation as well – to make it accessible to all my fans around the world. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Julija: What do you find most and least fulfilling about being a designer?

Milda: I adore freedom of creativity when I am designing collections, but I would like to have more help in management and merchandising. At the moment I am looking for the right people to work with while developing the MIMI.C fashion line for Women. Hopefully we will have a Men’s line soon!

Julija: What skills does a designer need to be successful today?

Milda: Nowadays talent is not enough. You have to be business aware. You need to be as much a businessman as an artist.

Julija: What would you still like to accomplish in your career?

Milda: What could be next ? Only the best!