Get Healthy in New York City

Having been a serious spin class and fitness junkie in the past, I take my workouts very seriously but I also need to be able to enjoy them.

There is something to be said when you add heart and authenticity to a great workout high. I went through the ringer trying different gyms, spinning classes, and some strength training classes and, though some impressed me very much, they didn’t seem to have the soul that Flywheel Sports has. They also didn’t have their kick ass classes and beyond passionate instructors. Flywheel Sports instructors aren’t there just because they have a job to do, they are there because they love what they do, they love the people that come to their classes and they love Flywheel.

Having been a serious spin class and fitness junkie in the past, I take my workouts very seriously but I also need to be able to enjoy them. In the last few years, due to some personal issues and family tragedies, my fitness life got sidelined. I gained an extremely unhealthy amount of weight and I found it hard to find my way back into feeling good in fitness. Well, Flywheel Sports changed all of that. Every single one of their instructors are extremely impressive, the music- which they have done specifically for FlyWheel- is always JUST what I am looking for.  Whether hip-hop, your favorite classic rock remixed or something else, the music seems to mesh perfectly with the instructors and brings the energy of the room to an awesome level making you work harder than you knew you could.

Beside the instructors, what really sets this facility apart from the rest is the technology. As opposed to the normal spin classes where it is a guess when the instructor tells you to go 70% to what that actually means, FWS has a digital reader to the left of every bike. This reader reads your torque level (resistance), your RPM (revolutions per minute), your moment to moment power output and your cumulative  power output for the entire class. These numbers are then transferred to your online account where you can track your progress throughout your FWS life.  Also, for those with a competitive streak (me! me!), they have a torque board which show where you are compared to others in the class.  The torque boards also does interval races- either 15,30,45 or 60 seconds and that will really get your competitive juices flowing. They also have stadium style seating which means that you are always able to see the instructor regardless of where you sit.

FWS also offer a class called Flybarre.  This class will kick your butt yet have you dreaming of coming back for more.  These hour long classes take you through a full body workout based on high repetitions at low weights, designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt. They use a ballet bar throughout the work out and really bring you through a variety of workout moves that will make you realize you have muscles where you never knew you had before.  Then, you learn you have them and watch them become toned to perfection.

Being as picky as I am, it means a lot for me to say that you truly cannot have a better spin experience than that of FlyWheel and the Flybarre classes are not to be missed!

And, just a big FYI, Flywheel Sports is not only a NYC thing.  They are opening new locations all over.  Make sure to check out their locations in Chicago, Florida, Atlanta and North Carolina!