Lexo The Great’s Turn Into Music

Lexo The Great, Photo by Matt Plunkett

It’s not surprising that various art forms excite us more than ordinary office jobs. This is why Alejandro Medina traded in a finance specialist job for a career in music. He wanted to make sure that he was capable of creating music and developing a sound of his own. He met his goal, becoming the solo artist best known as Lexo The Great.

Julija: When and how did you get into music?

Alejandro: There was always music going on, wherever I was, whatever I was doing. It has always been in me. What drove me was that I wanted to make my own music. I guess the music that I’m making now is probably what I was looking for. I wanted to hear a new sound so it was a good idea to see if I was able to make it. I became a solo artist in 2009.

Julija: So no regrets about dedicating your life to music?

Alejandro: Not at all. If I looked back, there would be things that I would do differently, but that’s because of other things that I learn, but not music.

Julija: How did you come up with your stage name?

Alejandro: My real name is Alejandro, it’s a Latin form of Alexander, so my friends always called me Lexo. You know the story of Alexander the Great… So I twisted it and put Lexo the Great and that was what I decided to go with.

Julija: Describe your creative process. What drives you?

Alejandro: My inspiration comes from all the things that I have had in my life. I’m lucky to travel as much as I do. Being on the road allows me to see a lot of things. If I was stuck in California, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Lots of experiences inspire my music and the creative process comes from a good atmosphere.

Julija: Do you have any formal musical training?

Alejandro: Actually, I don’t. I am self-taught. I started making music in my bathroom! When I was in college I made my first record without formal musical training. People that I work with now are very talented in what they do and I am lucky to work in their shadows and pick up what I can.

Julija: So where did you graduate from?

Alejandro: I graduated from the University of California. I have an Economics Major specializing in marketing.

Julija: Have you ever worked as an economist?

Alejandro: I worked for a financial firm for about a year an a half while I was getting into music. And in January 2011 I left that job. Music is my full-time job now.

Julija: Have you already recorded any albums?

Alejandro: I actually have a dubstep EP “Keep It Dirty” available on iTunes produced by Seven Lions who is a dubstep and trance producer and a big touring DJ. Prior to that I did another release with a band called Iration, it’s a radio single. I also have an upcoming project which will be released very soon, a dubstep and drum & bass solo project. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

Julija: Could you mention a few festivals in which you participated?

Alejandro: Mostly I’m a touring artist performing in club venues and live concert halls, but this summer I’m going to do gigs in some festivals, like Coachella. Some other gig dates are not available yet. We’ll see what happens.

Julija: How would you describe your music style?

Alejandro: Dubstep, west coast rap or if you want you can call it hip hop, but I call it rap. Here you can also hear it called rapstep.

Julija: I heard about your recent gig with Mickey Avalon. How did you get together?

Alejandro: I had an opportunity to open for Mickey Avalon back in October in Malibu, that’s how our musical collaboration began.

Julija: How often do you both collaborate?

Alejandro: We’ve been doing shows only for the last few months, so it’s kind of a new thing and it’s been successful for both of us, I could say.

Julija: Any big future projects together?

Alejandro: Probably the biggest thing will be supporting Mickey Avalon on his life performances.  The next show will be in Malibu on St. Patrick’s Day. Should be fun!

Julija: What’s your plan for 2012? Is it going to be a busy year for you?

Alejandro: My new project “Selective Hearing” is coming up, which is going to be a free download and two more videos to give everyone before May. Also, I’ll be busy doing shows in Las Vegas, Texas, East Coast, and other various places in CA. The road will consume me this year!