Meet Yougo Jeberg

Meet Yougo Jeberg. Only in his early twenties, Yougo is one of the Internet’s out and out favorite young photographer.

Meet Yougo Jeberg. Only in his early twenties, Yougo is one of the Internet’s out and out favorite young photographer. Taking us around the world, from Los Angeles to Paris, the north of France, fashion weeks and beyond, his urban work shows, always with sensibility, youth, glory and natural landscapes at their best.

Alie: Where are you based, and how does living there influence the mood or aesthetics of your work?

Yougo: I work between New York and Paris. Each time you travel, you learn something new and you can improve your vision of photography. It’s like during all your youth, you used to ride the same skate park and when you went to a different skate park, you became stronger. That’s the same.

Alie: Do you have a habit, something you always do when you take a photo?

Yougo: I always push the button.

Alie: What sort of equipment and software do you use?

Yougo: I’m fond of old and dirty analog cameras, it happens that I use a digital camera because now the magazines prefer the digital touch .Sometimes I also use Photoshop for the colors or tones to transform it like a film. It’s why I prefer film, you don’t need Photoshop. When I was young I also used Paint on Windows 91 (:

Alie: Will digital be the death of film?

Yougo: If you want digital to be the death of film, it will; if you don’t want it to be the death of film it won’t.

Alie: What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Yougo: Boys, girls, youth, vision of death, adventures, ugliness sometimes because it’s pretty. I also like things more trash for my secret pics.

Alie: What eras or decades have continuously stimulated your lifestyle and concepts behind them?

Yougo: Our decade, we have to be “happy” in the decade we live, we don’t have to be jealous of the year 1210 or 167.

Alie: Would you say there is a philosophy behind your photography?

Yougo: I won’t say that, I’m waiting for people to say that, I like laughing. It’s only friends having fun, laughing is a good excuse to hide something.

Alie: On your website, there is a category entitled “fashion weak” where you post fashion week, runways and backstage photos. How is photographing behind the scenes of fashion different from your other works?

Yougo: It’s really important for me to take pictures of the rush of the designers, the models, the staff before the shows. I don’t care about the show itself, all the photographers take photos during the show. It’s more interesting to show all the crazy things happening backstage, I think it’s more beautiful than the fashion show.

Alie: In New York you met and worked with established photographers such as Chadwick Tyler, Daniel King and Robert Hamada. Did you enjoy the experience and what did you learn from it?

Yougo: Of course I enjoyed it, it’s always a good experience to learn from experimented photographers. I always meet great photographers, it’s a pleasure to share our vision of photography. We easily talk about random things because we come from the same background.

Alie: Do you see yourself doing what they do in the future?

Yougo: I don’t know yet, I just do what I do for the moment, we will see how the things evolve.

Alie: Since last year, you published a lot of photos of Cory Kennedy in everyday’s life, that the internet communities seem to enjoy. How did you meet her and what is your link with her?

Yougo: I was introduced to Cory last year, in march 2011, at the Paris fashion week. I went with her to different fashion shows and parties and I began to take pictures of her. That is how we became friends and we did a few road trips together in the USA this winter. We went upstate in New York and visited cemeteries, waterfalls and weird cities. Good times.

Alie: A photographer whose work you respect and admire?

Yougo: Julie Cook and Sarah Ainslie with the story called “baby oil and ice”.

Alie: Do you have any advice for photographers out there who look up to you?

Yougo: Do what you want to do, follow your mind not your neighbor.

Alie: What kind of music would you hear being played to compliment and amplify your photography?

Yougo: I would like people looking at my photos listen to the music they like, but if you mean what kind of music I listen to, then I like shoegaze, psych rock and rap with good lyrics.

Alie: What magazines do you currently read?

Yougo: ETAPES, it’s a french graphic design magazine, and some other magazines but I don’t read them I just watch the pictures like a kid.