Prismagmatic by Rodrigo Maltchique Braga

Rodrigo Braga’s creative journey started early in life. Having grown up with a mother who herself was a self-taught artisan, Rodrigo clearly inherited the creative genes of the best sort – the kind that yields unique creative output while still maintaining humanity and humility.

A native of Pouso Alegre, Brazil, at age 12 Rodrigo recognized his passion to create. A successful audition landed him at this young age into the national music theater and visual arts conservatory, where his passion for the arts grew its first roots. By 17, he began studies at University of São Paulo to study design (Visual Communication). Here he developed his penchant for graphic arts and photography.

Rodrigo’s creative fire never quells – he is constantly exploring new mediums of creativity while actively monitoring and contributing to the always changing norms of expression and media. Visually, his unique creative vision is often marked by the contrast between imaginary worlds and reality: organic colors and eccentric elements beautify unheard of perspectives; vision are realize in sleek and futuristic forms.

Additional Credits:

Model: Rebecca Folio Montréal
Makeup by Janick Sabourin
Photography by Rodrigo Maltchique Braga (