Saskia maaike Bouvier: Sexy Horology

In most cases, fashion watches smile prettily but check on the inside and it leaves a lot to be desired.

In most cases, fashion watches smile prettily but check on the inside and it leaves a lot to be desired. A battery operated quartz movement ticks inside. I don’t even want to tell you what a quartz movement costs because it might make you look at your watch a bit differently and I don’t want to ruin your love affair. Conversely, haute horlogerie, high watchmaking, often lacks that flair you desire to pull together your fabulous look. So what’s a solution?

You’re in luck. Style doesn’t always have to lack substance. Saskia maaike Bouvier makes watches just for women. A woman watchmaker, especially one who only makes watches for women, is rare enough. One who is breathtakingly beautiful puts her in practically an endangered species category. Plus, she’s got style. The woman knows how to dress, so you know her watches are going to rock.

At BaselFaire, a huge watch and jewelry show that convenes every year, Bouvier released the Equilibre watch in what she calls the Yin time & Yang time collection. What’s so cool about this watch is the design. The Yin and Yang symbols harmonize on the silvery dial in a chiaroscuro effect as the light hits it. Bouvier gets this effect through a guilloché texture on the dual time-zone dial. More than just a convenient complication for jetsetters, you also get the symbolic notion of two, the Yin and Yang, here too.

Still, Bouvier wants you to see the watch as more. The light and dark on the dial represent time as duality and equality of the yin and yang. Life’s events bounce us around and change by the moment, just as the dial does when light bounces off it. Through it all, we try to maintain balance while adapting to the myriad situations.

“The two-fold time display confronts us with our own perception of the passage of time,” Bouvier explains. “As it passes, time may appear to slip away or freeze… both perceptions finally bring us back to the real time displayed.”

I promised you the Equilibre was more than a pretty face. Bouvier is one of the only members of the prestigious AHCI, the Horological Academy of Independent Creators. Her godfathers are Sven Andersen, one of the founders of the AHCI, and Antoine Preziuso, another member. If you don’t know them, these guys are bigwigs in the independent world. In addition, she worked for Frank Muller and Agenhor, the company responsible for the movements of MB&F’s HM2 and Van Cleef & Arpels enchanting “Poetic Wish”.

Bouvier brought her mechanical talents to bear in the Equilibre. On top of the reliable mechanical ETA 2892 movement, she put a module of her own design.  A strap can make or break a watch and Bouvier totally nails it with a chic dragon-patterned alligator strap. The watch comes in a 45mm stainless steel case, an eye-catching size. 1.9 carats of diamonds on the bezel add a nice glittery pop.