Beautiful and Flawless In Six Easy Steps

by Julia Dalton

Photography, Pino Gomes. Makeup, Julia Dalton-Brush. Hair, Jen Paelmo. Nails, Melissa Harrison. Model, Dalad Kambhu @ Major Model.

We are all pressed for time and, as a makeup artist, the number one question I am asked by my clients is how to get out the door looking flawless yet natural… in ten minutes. Well, even though it sounds like an impossible feat, it is not. There are many ways to look beautifully put together, with skin glowing and eyes popping, without missing your morning meeting.

The first step is to consistently take care of your skin. Without well taken care of skin, the flawless and natural look becomes a bit harder to manage and more time consuming. Check your face for dryness and see where the inconsistencies are. Go to a dermatologist and speak with them about these issues. When your face is dry and unmoisturized makeup has a harder time staying on your skin and since your face doesn’t have the same feel, your makeup won’t either.

Step two, find a tinted moisturizer that you like. Personally, I use two (not at the same time of course). Le Metier de Beaute’s Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complexe has the most stunning and glowing effect. There isn’t a single day that I use this and don’t get a compliment on how my skin looks. Also, I use Laura Mercier’s tinted moisiturizer with SPF. Even though I am using a tinted moisturizer, I still moisturize with Emryolisse’s Lait-Crème Concentrè. I let the cream sit on my face for a minute so it can seep into my skin. However, while you are letting the moisturizer sit on your face, you can start curling your lashes to fill the time.

Next apply your tinted moisturizer with either a brush, or for a quick application, use your hand and fingers. I use the top of my hand as the palette and apply a quarter-or so- size amount. Then I take my fingertips and lightly tap it across my face. Make sure to get it everywhere. With tinted moisturizer, I even go over and swipe my eyes with it. This should leave you with a stunning base. If you don’t feel as though there is enough coverage, you can go over it again and really tap the makeup into the skin.

YSL Creme De Blush

After you’re comfortable with your coverage, take a cream blush. I am absolutely obsessed with cream blushes especially when used with a light tinted moisturizer. Using cream on cream is key to a gorgeous natural look. No powder going on here ladies. Personally, the cream blushes that I love are YSL Creme De Blush. This is a cream to powder finish and it is flawless. Another one that I love is the Stila Convertible Color. Regardless of the product, take a little bit by tapping your fingers directly on the product and apply gently to the apples of the cheeks and then up the cheek bone toward your hair line. The tapping of the product into the skin should leave a flawless and gorgeous finish.

Complexion done! Next up, eyes. Now, remember, we are going for a quick, natural look. You have already curled your lashes while the moisturizer set into your skin, so that is done. Take a light color and sweep it across your entire lid. Make this a matte color, no shimmer. Next take a taupe color and contour it in the crease of your lid. Work it in till it is perfectly blended. If you want something a little darker, you can take the taupe color over your lid and get a color a few shades darker and work it into the crease instead.

Take your favorite mascara- I love the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes or LORAC Special Effects and work it into your lashes. At the root of your lash, shimmy or wiggle the brush into the lashes and then draw it out leaving your lashes long and gorgeous.

For your lips, keep it simple, natural and beautiful. Senna’s new Velvet Lipstick is magical for this. These colors are stunning and natural and they feel like perfection on your lips.

There you are: quick, beautiful and flawless makeup in six easy steps.