Belgian Architects Danny De Munter and Wim Gyselinck to build a Palace in Saudi Arabia

by Team Bloginity

Danny De Munter, a Belgian architect specialized in high-end interior design and restoration, and Wim Gyselinck, have been designated to build the new city palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This is not their first architectural project in the Middle East. In the past De Munter has delivered with great success a palace “pied dans l’eau” in Khobar together with Brussels architect Patrick van der Stricht. The duo has now been approached to open a local engineering office.

The Flemish approach, far away from the curls and ‘opera style’ often associated with Middle Eastern architecture, can be best described as a combination of ‘eco-neoromance’ and ‘eco-neomodernism’. This approach has proven to be fruitful, hence the new applications coming in from Beirut and Khatar.

Danny De Munter explains his success: “The underdog profile of our Belgian team cannot be underestimated: we work in a small team which results in a lower cost than our competitors; we work faster than them and think in a more pragmatic way. There are very few global players in this market that can work as versatile as we do and are specialized in as many fields as we are. “