“Italian Color”, A Series by Jon Reid

by Daniel Haim

In spite of the incredible diversity in Italy, one thing remains consistent – vibrant color. Here’s a selection taken by Jon Reid, a London based photographer. To view more work by Jon, visit his portfolio site at http://nomadicvision.com/.

Photo above: Bold colors frame a doorway of a typical home in Burano, a Venetian island known for its bright colors and lace work. The colors of the homes follow a strict tradition and permission is needed from the government who respond by indicating what colors are allowed.

Photo above: A mountain towers over a village in Lake Como, Italy during an atmospheric morning.

Photo above: Evening light brings out the best of the colors of Vernazza in the Cinque Terra.

Photo above: Built on a large cliff overlooking the sea, the colourful homes of Manarola are particularly picturesque.

Photo above: Wisteria marks the height of spring in Lake Como, Italy.

Photo above: Fog drifts down a mountain and through an idealic village along Lake Como

Photo above: The Arno River reflect the bright colors of the buildings surrounding the Ponte Vecchio