Logan Zane Watch Roll

by Meehna Goldsmith

Logan Zane, http://www.loganzane.com

You’re a cool person. You’ve made the switch into haute horlogerie because you’ve got taste and style. You’ve realized mechanical watches are the way to go. They combine art and engineering into a functional little machine that tells time. Plus, you look hot with that watch wrapped round your wrist.

Now that you’re growing your watch collection where are you going to keep all of them? Even if you’ve only got one, you sure don’t want to store it in that hunky box the brand provides. I don’t care how luxurious it is, it’s a space hog and totally inconvenient. What you need is a convenient way to store your watch(es) but you don’t want to place your babies just anywhere.

What you need is a watchcase, specifically one made by Greg Cummins called a Watch Roll. Let’s back up a bit because the story starts sooner. Cummins was fed up because he couldn’t find a quality bag to tote around NYC. And, every man must own at least one fly bag for his stuff. If you can’t buy it, then make it, that’s Cummins philosophy.

Debunking the idea that Italy is the only place to get the best leather products, Cummins made the “Remsen” bag in the U.S. of A. It was a camouflage leather backpack constructed from the finest Italian leather and best hardware he could find. He didn’t stop there. He lined the backpack with sumptuous velvet. Cummins couldn’t go anywhere without several guys stopping him and asking where he got the bag. That’s how Logan Zane began, as a bespoke company two years ago.

When Cummins saw the success of his bespoke man-bag service, he decided to develop a men’s lifestyle collection Believe it or not excellent artisans work right here in New York. Cummins picked the finest, brought in his designs and oversaw every step of production. Logan Zane produces briefcases, duffel bags, iPad envelopes and, of course, those watchcases I promised to tell you about.

Cummins gave me a Watch Roll to review in Italian embossed chocolate brown leather with a rich burgundy lining. Immediately you notice the quality, from the stitching and lining in the case and on the roll to the smell, that divine smell. I couldn’t stop sniffing the leather and I bet you won’t be able to either.

The case comfortably fits up to three watches and zips closed at the top, allowing for easy access. Cummins markets the Watch Roll for use in a safe, which is a good idea. Don’t want a cat burglar de-accessing you of your beloved watches. But, I think the Watch Roll would make a good travel case too, providing you tucked it between some clothes.

Cummins takes inspiration from the quality of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Those companies tend to throw their logos in your face and Cummins isn’t a big fan of that. His accessories are quietly beautiful with a discreet logo that blends into the design. It’s almost like he’s designing in another era. If you look at his logo, it’s got an art deco feel. Cummins has nostalgia for a time when travel was an event and people got dressed up to board an airplane or train. With his Watch Roll—or any of his products for that matter—you get that old-time craftsmanship in a modern package that exudes sophistication and grace. Once you get your Watch Roll, you’ve got to give me a peek what’s inside.

If you want something special done, you’re in luck, because Logan Zane will still take on bespoke projects.