Senna’s Velvet Lips

by Julia Dalton

Have you ever seen a color and it just takes your breath away? I deal with bright heart stopping hues on a daily basis, but when a natural color steals my breath away , I know it is something that I cannot live without.  This is exactly what happened when I saw the colors from Senna Cosmetic’s new Velvet Lipstick line.  These colors are seriously something special and they feel like magic when applied.  The mixture of amino acids and conditioning vitamin E will make your lips look and feel moisturized to your heart’s content and the light diffusing minerals reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. The four colors- Naturelle caramel nude, Dusk heather rose, First Love pouty mauve, and Lolita  seductive rose- will work with almost any makeup look.  Want a natural look (check out this article on easy and quick steps to the perfect natural look)?  Want a smokey eye? You have the perfect lip product to compliment both looks.

These lip colors give you something that is so hard to attain with most moisturized lipsticks, it gives you a soft matte look. The finish is exquisite and classic.

Thanks to Senna, I have fallen in love with my lips all over again.