Anne V: My butt won’t boost

by Team Bloginity

The Victoria’s Secret model has previously admitted she would love a “Brazilian ass”, saying some bikinis make her look like she has no posterior at all.

Anne is continuing her attempts to add more curves to her shape, although she worries she will never be able to achieve a pronounced behind.

“I’m one of those women that when I get bigger, it goes everywhere. I wish I was able to keep my waist really small, and then just have my behind get bigger and look like an hourglass,” she told

“I always work on making my ass bigger. I’ve been working at for so long but when I gain weight everything goes into my legs. I used to do track and field and ballroom dancing so somehow no matter what I do, it goes to my legs. I’ve tried to many trainers, and everyone thinks they know how they can make the weight go to my ass, but they haven’t been able to.”

As well as loving Brazilian girls’ figures, Anne is a fan of the country. She fantasies about relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches there.

“I’ve been obsessed with Brazil for the longest time… but I’ve only been there once – and I haven’t even been to the beach! I just have this idea… this vision of a perfect Brazilian beach paradise that I’ve never been to,” she laughed.