Anya Hindmarch: Fashion is tribal

Anya Hindmarch prefers to socialize with “modest” craftsmen rather than the trendy fashion crowd. She says the lure of luxury goods and accessories is “tribal”

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch says the lure of luxury goods and accessories is “tribal”.

The designer described the appeal of statement handbags, such as her own creations, and how they help customers define themselves and their look.

The fashion creative also revealed that it was a Chanel handbag given to her by her mother that first got her hooked on high fashion accessories.

“It was a little one, with the jacquard print and a navy-blue pigskin trim,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph, before describing the desire for luxury items that makes fashion lovers crave beautifully crafted goods. “It’s very tribal. It’s about saying, ‘This is who I am. This is what I stand for.’ It’s about showing what you love, about giving you confidence.”

Anya also admitted that she enjoys nothing more than talking about her trade.

The successful designer prefers the company of fellow artisans over socializing with the trendy fashion crowd because they inspire her.

“I’d rather spend an evening with craftsmen than with fashion folk any day, if I’m absolutely honest. They’re often very clever, very modest – and the work they do is spectacular,” she said.