Armani plans exhibition

Giorgio Armani says there are “no certainties” in Italy anymore and is planning an exhibition of his work.

Giorgio Armani

The famed designer put on a fashion show in Beijing yesterday and spoke to press beforehand.

During the conference, he announced he is planning a retrospective. He will focus on designs he’s come up with which mark historic occasions over the last decade.

“I went back and saw that I had designed some Salvador Dalì-inspired accessories – à la Schiaparelli– five or six years ago,” he explained, according to WWD.

The 77-year-old is hoping to stage the presentation in Milan, most likely during an upcoming Fashion Week.

Yesterday, a second earthquake in nine days hit Northern Italy. Buildings have been destroyed and people have lost their lives in the natural disaster.

Italian Giorgio’s manufacturing properties haven’t been affected but he is still upset about the situation. He said the safety of his workers is his main concern.

“It’s all very complicated in Italy, it’s psychologically tough,” he said. “There are no more certainties.