Ben Taverniti: Avoid claustrophobic denim

Hudson designer Ben Taverniti says it is “inappropriate” for him to tell women which jeans style to buy.

Ben Taverniti

Ben Taverniti says people should “suffer a tiny bit” when it comes to jeans.

The designer of Hudson insists people shouldn’t get too caught up in how tight their denim should be. He says it’s all about comfort, although he recommends buying a pair which are a little too tight so they last longer.

“It sounds like a copout but it’s really up to how you like your jeans to feel. Some people feel claustrophobic if they are too tight, but we work with really soft stretchy fabrics so you can usually size down,” he told “I think it’s important to suffer a tiny bit when you first buy your jeans because they will inevitably give a little with wear.”

The designer added Hudson are now using a new fabric which snaps back into shape straight away, meaning their jeans don’t sag or bag after they’ve been worn.

Ben refused to be drawn on which style of jeans people should be investing in this season. He thinks women should be more concerned with what suits their body shape and what makes them feel their best.

“The truth is that denim always goes in cycles and I think that women who know style will understand that they should wear what they love rather than any trend. To be honest I don’t really believe in shape trends. And I think it’s inappropriate for me to say wear this or don’t. It’s down to the weather, what you have planned for the day – for instance, wide leg flares are really popular in LA, but harder in London where it rains a lot,” he said.