Sephora Takes a Bite Out Of Beauty

We have become absolutely obsessed with Bite Beauty. Anything they do with lips, not only do we want it, but we need it.

We have become absolutely obsessed with Bite Beauty. Anything they do with lips, not only do we want it, but we need it.

I have now changed my evening beauty regiment to start with Bite’s Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub which not only smells divine because made with a 100-percent natural cherry-flavored mousse but it feels too good to be true because it is infused with exfoliating beads to smooth and condition lips. So, maybe you ask why I use this?  Well, what it does is brighten lips over time while fighting free radicals and conditioning around the lip line. We certainly don’t want those deep lines around our lip lines as we age, and, if you already have them, conditioning is certainly a brilliant way to go. Using this in the evening has gotten my beautiful, full smackers ready for the AM when I start my morning beauty routine. Now, the biggest problem that I find with this line is figuring out which stunning color I want to go with. In general, for spring right now, I’ve been using the brighter liner in Zinfandel – electric coral color for fun, but the Madeira – nude pink makes a fun and stunning choice as well.

The liners are almost perfect enough to use on their own without the actual lipstick, however, if you want that added pop- which we all know you do- then you need the luminous creme lipstick on top.  Plus, you really can’t get a better feel than these lipsticks.  The lasting power is amazing, especially if used on top of the liners.

However, let’s say you’re not so into the big, bold lip today, then test out the Lush Lip Tints.  These, first off, smell delightful and have a lovely taste to them as well, but if you want a less pigmented lighter look, then these are for you. The tints are a powerful antioxidant lip treatment and long-lasting lip color in one and it delivers lasting color while soothing and softening lips. Win-win!

However, my favorite part of Bite is not what it does for me now, but more what it doesn’t do… or, I should say doesn’t have.  Bite’s products are made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMO’s or Triclosan.   To me, that can only make these products better. So, enjoy this little Bite of beauty and work those lips!

Beauty Line ranges from $15-$24 at