Coco Rocha Reveals Shoe Regret

by Team Bloginity

Coco Rocha at The 49th Annual New York Film Festival Presents the Centerpiece Gala Presentation

Coco Rocha is thankful she liked Irish dancing when she was young as it has helped her establish her modeling career.

Coco Rocha bitterly regrets not buying a pair of dream shoes which she just “couldn’t part with the cash” for.

The model loves everything about fashion and enjoys being clad in high-end pieces for photoshoots. However, when it comes to dressing herself in her private life things are different.

Coco finds it hard to splash huge amounts of cash on expensive pieces as it seems so wasteful.

“My greatest fashion regret is some Givenchy shoes I wanted so badly, but I couldn’t part with the cash. I was raised on thrift stores, so shopping at high-end boutiques, to this day, is foreign to me,” she explained to the latest edition of UK Elle.

The 23-year-old star loves her job, but didn’t grow up on a diet of fashion. She was interested in other pursuits, although now she is glad of that.

Coco’s other passions have helped her develop a niche when it comes to modeling.

“My earliest fashion memory is the day I was scouted at the age of 14. That’s when I realized that models could be tall, skinny, Irish-dancing nerds,” she laughed.

“My most exciting fashion moment so far was Celtic dancing down Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway in 2007. I was then known as ‘Coco the dancing model’. It helped establish me as more than just another new face.”