Coco Rocha says working with Karl Lagerfeld is “a thrill”.

Coco Rocha

The model is now one of the most in-demand in the world, with a stunning signature style as well. It hasn’t always been that way though – Coco needed help in the wardrobe department when she was younger.

“I found my style identity at 15. I walked into my agency in a pair of patchwork bell-bottom jeans, to the horror of my agent. He told me to burn them, along with my oversized sweaters,” she laughed. “That was the first time I made a conscious decision to establish my own style.”

Coco’s career has gone from strength to strength recently.

Of all the designers she’s worked with, she has particularly kind words for Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.

“It’s a thrill to work with Karl,” she told InStyle. “Because you’re guaranteed it will be something new and interesting. Karl sums up the question of style brilliantly, saying, ‘If you’re asking me, “How can I be chic?” then really there is no hope.’”